The Journey: Rochester, MN

Where were we? Ah yes, Minnesota.

We pulled in to our KOA outside of Rochester and set up on a corner lot. It didn’t take long to notice the unflattering sign pointing at us.

But it turned out to be a nice campground. We had a chance to go swimming (poor Reggie had to watch from behind the fence) and people were generally friendlier here than at past KOAs. They were also the only KOA we visited that actually had a person riding around on a Segway, which was pretty funny/awesome.

On the fourth, we drove into town to see the Mayo Clinic. We know a few people with a vested interest in the place, so we took some pictures and had a chance to pray over them.

The architecture in the area is very eclectic, and satisfying to walk about. The Mayo building in particular is a huge modern enclosure of mirrored glass and multicolored panels.

The more traditional buildings are impressive, too.

That night we went to Rochester’s 4th of July celebration. They had a very impressive fireworks show, which Reggie found disturbing so we left a bit early.

That night we were blessed with dry weather so we could pack up a dry tent. Early in the morning we loaded our things and headed for Chicago.


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