The Journey: Livingston, MT

We had a pleasant drive from Post Falls to Livingston. We passed through Idaho Panhandle National Forest, over 4th of July Pass (early, I suppose), into Montana and Mountain Time, and over the continental divide. Once down out of the mountains, we got to see some real grassy rolling hills.

We’re really been enjoying the mix cds Jon sent with us. We haven’t picked a favorite yet; I think that 70s mix is pretty fantastic, though.

We stopped in Butte for fuel, then when we reached Livingston we learned that the Kampground Of America we’re staying at is nearly 12 miles off the interstate, on the way to Yellowstone. We won’t make it that far south, but it is a beautiful area.

We promptly set up our tent and started a campfire for canned ravioli and s’mores. Took me three tries to get the fire going in the wind; my cub scout days are pretty far behind me, I guess.

It’s hard to tell whether Reggie is taking to the camping life or not. On one hand, she loves being outside so much, rolling in the grass, lounging in the sun, and watching the bugs fly around. On the other hand, she doesn’t like being tied up and has been barking at everything new… which is everything. It’s been a full-time job keeping her quiet so we don’t bother our neighbors, and to make matters worse a group pulled in and set up next to us at midnight – I think she kept us up until 2 growling at the wall of the tent. Still, she’s done well on the trip and seems to have calmed down today.

(That’s Alleson yawning like Reggie.) You may have heard about the flooding in North Dakota. It’s very dry here (we got just a few drops of rain last night, and then it stopped) but the river nearby is nearly over its banks – down at the boat ramp, you can’t actually see the boat ramp.

This morning the sun and the dog woke us up very early – Reggie and I took a walk at about 6AM so Alleson could sleep a little longer. Once we’d both showered we put the kettle on for a breakfast of instant oatmeal with fresh bananas. It only took me two tries to get the fire going this time! Alleson enjoyed her Stumptown coffee, and I even put a little in my hot cocoa after waking up so early.

We hope everything is going well at home. We’ve really been enjoying the goodies our family and friends sent, from all the snacks for the drive to the awesome GLOWSTICKS we were surprised with last night! We have to eat our way in and out of the car right now, you are all too generous. Best wishes, Brad and Alleson.


One response to “The Journey: Livingston, MT

  1. YAY! Loved reading this. Sounds like things are going well. You both look happy! The pics are GREAT to see as well. Love Alleson with the marshmallow bag as big as Reggie! Thoughts, love, and prayers coming your way!
    Love the Leeds

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