Article Flood!

For some reason, there was tons of good content posted online in the last few days. Link roundup!

Post-Secret Game Design by Drew Davidson (ETC at Carnegie Mellon!) discusses ways that our hyper-public internet lives will impact game design.

Mountains out of Molehills by David McCandless (Information is Beautiful) is an interactive visualization comparing our biggest fears (according to the media) to the real threats.

Blue Lacuna Transcripts Analyzed by Aaron A. Reed, whose Inform 7 book I am beginning to read. He presents an interesting breakdown of the reactions to his largest work, especially where players have trouble.

The Genre Blender: Experiments in Social Gameplay by Stephen Dewhurst (also ETC!) is a detailed postmortem on one of this year’s projects.

Your Brain on Improv by Charles Limb (TED) shows the preliminary results of putting a jazz musician in an MRI while they play, and it’s interesting how their findings support some popular ideas about creativity and music.


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