I don’t usually make much of New Year’s resolutions, but for some reason I’ve got a whole battery of them this year.

Getting in Shape
My wife and I have been walking every day, starting with a couple miles. We’ve done the diet thing before and taken advantage of treadmills in the nearest gym, but I’m finding it much more enjoyable to walk outside, even in the cold and wet. I’m having fun tracing all of our walks on Google Maps. I think we’re going to reward ourselves with a dance class when we hit 100 miles. Can anyone recommend a good studio?

Playing Trumpet
It’s hard to practice consistently when you’re not part of an ensemble. I’m starting with five minutes a day and ramping up, and at 50 total hours I’m treating myself to go see our local symphony.

Saving Money
Not an everyday thing, but I think we’re in a good place to put a good chunk of money into savings. Regardless of where it goes, it’ll be nice to know that we’ve consistently put money into savings.

I do read, but I’d like to make it more of a habit and/or read more, because I have a backlog of books to get through. No reward for this, though… what would I do, buy another book? I have too many already!

Because it’s more fun to see my progress, I’m loosely tracking everything in a spreadsheet and keeping an eye on my totals. With a little more work I could probably create “levels” to work towards too, but I think this is good.


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